Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hi folks,

guess what? i sold two life books to someone.

Who doesnt understand what a life book is, its something that adoptive parents do for their adoptive child. Its different then a scrapbook, its an honest look at a childs life so the child has some idea where they came from.

I did mine for my two boys. Though they sit on the shelf collecting dust, they can take it out at anytime to remember.

Inside these life books, hopefully there are photos of their birth family, their foster homes, anything about the child before they came to you.

Some adoptive children experience horrific things, and then they make up their own reality if they dont know exactly what happened, what these lifebooks do, is keep to the facts of what happened.

But then again, maybe she was using them as scrapbooks....either way, hope you enjoy them.

adoption scrapbook/ photo album. binder

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