Sunday, January 17, 2010

behavior bucks

Turn you child's behavior around with these 'behavior bucks'. Getting tired of the star charts, the marbles in jar. These 'behavior bucks' are so easy to carry around with you, in a car, your purse, your wallet, anyway you might be with your child.

You can use these 'behavior bucks' for any behavior your trying to install in your child. Like doing their homework, cleaning their room, good language, chores, being nice to their siblings, or anything else your child is having a hard time with.

Catch your children behaving good and throw them a 'behavior buck' to surprise them.

You can be as creative as you want with them. Then they can turn them in at the end of the week for extra TV time, video games, computer time, staying up an hour later, or a prize. You decide how many bucks they need to earn for certain Privileges.

Plus, these 'behavior bucks' you can personalize with each child's name on it. On the back of each card, you can write down what the child did too earn the behavior buck to keep track of what good behavior he earned to get the ticket.

But most of all, the kids just love them and love to earn them.

here is an example of what one looks like.
Behavior Bucks profilecard
Behavior Bucks profilecard


  1. Very cool idea, I trade "hours" of game time, you earn you loose, the cards are a cute idea for that.

  2. I also use the cards for 'clean up'. With their behavior bucks, they can pay me to clean they usually do not want to part with the 'bucks' so they do, and that is my goal